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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carrot prep!

 Blog readers this is such a time saver, I love to buy in bulk and prepare in bulk it saves so much time.  Buy a 5 pound bag of carrots, peel the WHOLE bag, cut off the ends.  LOVE the color of carrots.

add carrots to Cuisinart, and shred!  It's only minutes and so much is accomplished!
Now I buy these LOVELY containers from the "Dine" store on preston Hwy. if by chance you are from out of town, you may want to google these, they are from a resturant company.  I will do a posting on my containers I really use them all the time.  This paticular size is wonderful and I love that fact that it makes your refrig. look so beautiful and fresh in appearance.  I use this size for our butter, (later posting), cheese, & carrots or leftovers. I must say I have gotten my money's great investment!
JUST BEAUTIFUL, it does NOT take much for me to feel success in Homemaking

Now here is the beauty in this they last a couple of weeks like this AND I add them to salads, peas, soups.... 

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  1. love the salad...and very photogenic! XO Amy


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