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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carrot prep!

 Blog readers this is such a time saver, I love to buy in bulk and prepare in bulk it saves so much time.  Buy a 5 pound bag of carrots, peel the WHOLE bag, cut off the ends.  LOVE the color of carrots.

add carrots to Cuisinart, and shred!  It's only minutes and so much is accomplished!
Now I buy these LOVELY containers from the "Dine" store on preston Hwy. if by chance you are from out of town, you may want to google these, they are from a resturant company.  I will do a posting on my containers I really use them all the time.  This paticular size is wonderful and I love that fact that it makes your refrig. look so beautiful and fresh in appearance.  I use this size for our butter, (later posting), cheese, & carrots or leftovers. I must say I have gotten my money's great investment!
JUST BEAUTIFUL, it does NOT take much for me to feel success in Homemaking

Now here is the beauty in this they last a couple of weeks like this AND I add them to salads, peas, soups.... 

Real life struggles

I loaded this photo of a flower that I keep in my kitchen window...Jeff took this picture and I love it!  The flower reminds me of how though it is a flower, and they are suppose to be alive and pretty sometimes we look the same NOT quiet alive in Christ and struggling with our own sin, but because of GOD"S abundant grace, and his only son, Jesus Christ, dying on the cros for my sin, I can go to the foot of the cross "JUST AS I AM" trying to be that beautiful flower, full of color and NO dead spots, however the picture above REALLY represents how I am able to stand before Christ, and put my struggles, (sin) in the palm of his hands praying for his comfort and wisdom, which he provides each and everytime, may NOT be the outcome we were wanting or seeking but it is Christ's face I was seeking and I knnow that HE will never leave NOR forsake me, and that is all I need to get me through each and every day....

This section of my blog is where I am "REAL" & "TRANSPARENT" for you all, life has its ups and downs, without them I would NOT be able to see the face of GOD, no matter the outcome.  Sometimes life gives us abundant blessings and other times, life is just not at all how we pictured it.  When this happens though not always easy I eventually find my self crawling to the foot of the cross, what I mean by that is finally I let go of ALL my fleshly control and pick up my bible clinging to GOD's word, which is alive and active!

I do NOT want to appear, through pictures and this blog, that life is always wonderful and perfect in the Dangler home, because pictures can do that and I would NOT want anyone to struggle thinking we have it all together, I NEVER will nor want to claim that I do. I DO however LOVE wisdom, where ever I can find it the bible, my husband, godly counsel, dear friends, even our children. Please feel free to share and encourage others on this blog in the comment section.

 Part of my blog is to be "REAL" and "TRANSPARENT" I do NOT want a blog where everything looks so perfect, because that is NOT real life....I want to encourage others in their daily life. I am a pretty honest person and quite DIRECT, please take what you like and leave the rest.

Everyday living with the Danglers

Everyday living with the Danglers
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