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Monday, April 19, 2010

My life long friend

There are some things you ALL should know about me... and will get to know more as time goes on...first~my BEST FRIEND in the whole WIDE world is Sandy we have know eachother since we were about 3 (from ballet class). I love her to pieces and cherish the times we spend together... She knows my world, and still loves me unconditionally, and like wise. Our life styles are night and day, the one thing and most important thing is we both Love God and Jesus!! Here are a few exsamples of how different we are, she is up at the crack of dawn, when the rooster crows (actually before) and I am still sleeping, she is out working hard ALL day and I am at home except on Tues, I dont like to leave the house. Today was extra special I went to Target with her and we invested in our selves and of course StarBuckies!! I will just let you know it was one fun filled hour wrapped in laughter, chatter, & talks of growing old together!! Sandy I love ya, darling...YOU are the sister I NEVER had, I can not and will not amagine life without YOU!!!

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Everyday living with the Danglers
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