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Sunday, April 18, 2010

books and veggies

Cooking with vegtables is always so colorful, and healthy! We are so excited about planting our garden this year, Little Mae Mae ask almost every day "is it time, mommy to plant our garden" and I respond with we have to wait till after the FROST, wow that is hard to explain, but not really just "google" everything and it will not only explain but show images... what did our parents do, before "google"? I remember do you all remember the man coming to the door all dressed up in a suite carry these big thick books with gold on the outer pages, awe yes...Britanica World book... & YES We were ONE of those families that proudly displayed the American flag and the whole set of World Book Encyclopedia.
Back to veggies I love vegtables and can not eat enough of them, I will say I get my full servings in the summer time, that is for sure!

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Everyday living with the Danglers
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