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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OUR new little family members

Meet our new family members, we now have 6 baby chicks

These are NOT their eggs they are too young, however this is our goal to have FRESH FARM eggs!!
Love Lucy Mae's NEW life she is so happy!!!! I am blessed and honored that GOD has allowed us the privelege to teach her life and to be apart of our family...she is just simply JOY to be around, she adores life, EVERYDAY!!

Lily Mae is so gentle with her baby chicks she enjoys holding them throughout the day, and every night she has always asked me to give her something to dream about, and since the baby chicks came home that is what she wants to dream about each and every night, her new baby chicks.  Lily Mae is so full of compassion.

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Everyday living with the Danglers

Everyday living with the Danglers
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